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How To Select the Right Wedding Venue

Charlotte Wedding VENUE

Choosing your wedding venue can be one of the main decisions you will be making when it comes to your wedding. Doing your research ahead of time will potentially save you hours of driving around to check out multiple locations. Prior to shopping around, it is vital that you and your partner determine the look and feel of what you are hoping to achieve on your big day.


Do not overlook the grounds of the location where you are considering tying the knot. All too often, couples get caught up in seating arrangements, window treatments, parking options and the interior and exterior building details. Don’t forget to inquire if there are perennial flowers and bushes on site. Will they be blooming during your wedding? Is someone maintaining the grass? Is there a water feature that will be safe for younger guests etc.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Ceremony

Having a venue with indoor and outdoor possibilities is ideal. We cannot control the weather and having additional tent rentals lined up can become quite costly. If you are planning to get married outdoors, see what options for shade are naturally available. Is there a gazebo, veranda, covered porch or similar area for pictures if it ends up being a rainy day? Discussing these options ahead of time and being ready to go with Plan B if necessary, will potentially save you from a lot of stress.

Venue Restrictions To Be Aware Of

Have you fallen in love with a particular place only to discover that you can only be onsite for 2 hours? Are you tied into using their caterer, bartender, floral coordinator and photographer or can you outsource these items yourself? Every venue offers different packages and has their own rules and regulations. Be clear whether you want to rent the location and the grounds strictly for the ceremony or if you prefer the complete package deal. Some places have no problem with the couple providing their own vendors, other places totally forbid it. Ask lots of questions.

All In One Wedding Venue

Choosing to have your ceremony and your reception at one location can be the ultimate relaxing decision for you and your guests. Going with a large manor house who offers immaculate landscaping can provide you with a one-stop party. There will be ample indoor and outdoor space making weather a non-issue and you will be able to take your photos on-site. This eliminates excessive travel on your wedding day; enabling you to spend more time celebrating with your guests.

The Destination Wedding

Many people dream of saying their vows beside the ocean in a tropical paradise. A variety of resorts offer free wedding packages if you stay a certain amount of nights. Consider that travelling is usually expensive and many of your guests may not be able to attend. Provide information about group discount rates and the travel agent handling your bookings in your invitations to keep things simple for your guests.

How To Select the Right Wedding Venue

Package Deals

Ask the venue you are interested in if they have any package deals available. This can be a great way to negotiate and save money. If there are specific things you would like and other things you are flexible on; be sure to have a detailed list. Most venues aim to please. After all, your wedding is a way for them to advertise to a large group of people. They may generate future bookings for reunions, weddings and corporate events by treating you and your guests to the best customer service possible.